Written by Jessica


Ryan is the quintessential Handyman. I get told regularly how lucky I am that he is able to fix everything around the house (good for me and my wallet). I’m joking, but not really, he’s always been really good at it. Ryan loves working with his hands, it doesn’t matter whether its fixing something or building something, he is always giving it his 100 percent.

Ryan has always had an affinity for wood working. When he was only 14 years old, he lived in Washington with his dad. As a summer recreational activity, he helped his dad build their barn from the ground up. It left him with a lot of splinters but also the urge to learn more. His love for building has only grown over the years. Whenever he has spare time (which is far and few inbetween) you can always find him tinkering away in the garage.

As much as he loves wood working, nothing compares to his love for his family. Ryan always puts our family first and is an amazing dad to Emma.


FiveĀ fun facts about Ryan

Loves the outdoors, rock climbing, hiking and surfing

His favorite video game is Assassin’s Creed

Was a volunteer Firefigher in Washington for three years

Favorite ice cream is Cookie Dough

Is an IPA beer man