Written by Ryan

Jessica is the most determined, intelligent and thoughtful person I know!  She is always thinking of others and is always there to offer a helping hand. She is usually the first person you will talk to as a Ryan’s Denn Client and the one who does most of the online stuff.

We joke about it all the time, but I’m convinced that Jessica should own her own restaurant! She truly has a gift for cooking, and it drives me crazy that she rarely ever needs to measure out the ingredients! If you follow her on Facebook, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about (btw this is why I can’t lose any weight)!

Jessica loves the outdoors, but not the kind of outdoor you are thinking of, I’m talking about Disneyland. She says she likes to go to Disneyland because Emma loves it so much, but I know its because she’s a little obsessed with everything Disney.

But most importantly, Jessica is a wonderful mom. She adores our daughter Emma and lives to see her smile.


Five fun facts about Jessica

Our daughter, Emma, is her sunshine

You can’t tell, but English is not her first language, Vietnamese is

She LOVES all things Bacon and Disneyland

She can dominate anyone at Super Mario Bros. or Contra

If she laughs hard enough she will snort and flex her nose