Written by Jessica and Ryan

Emma is a very spunky four year old. She is very strong-willed and likes to show her independence. Her new favorite word is “NO.”

She is a Princess at heart and loves to play dress up. She dresses up as a Disney Princess on a regular basis, multiple times a day.

Emma loves music and dancing but the one thing she loves even more than that is going to Disneyland. She’s a little daredevil and has a need for speed. Her new favorite ride is Star Tours, to which she refers to as “the ride with glasses.”

The fastest way to her heart, is with chocolate… and ice cream… and Oreo cookies. She gives the best kisses and “big girl” hugs. Mommy is her favorite and Daddy knows it (for now).




Five fun facts about Emma

Rapunzel is her favorite princess

She is a big helper, sometimes too much

She doesn’t like her vegetables but loves her cheeses

Her favorite stuffed animal is a tattered Hello Kitty

She loves to cook in her kitchen with Play-do