How we got started

Ryan's Denn started out as a need. A need to find a box that was different and can be customized. As a husband and wife photography team, we were on the search for new products to offer our brides and grooms. We had a hard time finding a box that we both liked and in the right price range. Most of the boxes out there have the sliding lid but we wanted something different. We also wanted to be able to change the size of the box if needed. 

With no luck in site, we decided to build our own boxes. It started out as something small, a couple boxes here and there, and BLEW UP overnight. A fellow photographer posted in a group asking what we used to deliver images to our clients. I posted some photos of Ryan's boxes and proudly stated, "My man makes mine." Within the hour, we had fellow photographers messaging me asking if Ryan would be willing to make and sell boxes to them as well. Three days later we open an Etsy shop and have been going strong ever since.


Our goal is provide beautiful handcrafted wood boxes to fellow photographers looking to give their couples something special.

The Angell Clan


Written by Jessica

  Ryan is the quintessential Handyman. I get told regularly how lucky I am that he is able to fix everything around the house (good for me and my wallet). I’m joking, but not really, he’s always been really good at it. Ryan loves working with his hands, it doesn’t … Read More


Written by Ryan

Jessica is the most determined, intelligent and thoughtful person I know!  She is always thinking of others and is always there to offer a helping hand. She is usually the first person you will talk to as a Ryan’s Denn Client and the one who does most of the online stuff. We … Read More


Written by Jessica and Ryan

Emma is a very spunky four year old. She is very strong-willed and likes to show her independence. Her new favorite word is “NO.” She is a Princess at heart and loves to play dress up. She dresses up as a Disney Princess on a regular basis, multiple times a … Read More